Getting Restarted With Music

Relationships ebb and flow, wax and wane, but when you really love something, it’s always got a place in your soul. Everywhere you look, you’ll see and feel a reminder of it, and, sometimes, you’ll feel like you need to call the old friend up to talk, drop by for a visit or just see how things are feeling. But then you get the odd fears, “What if it’s been too long?” is the recurring theme. You worry that all your old friends no longer hang out there, maybe your friend is mad that you haven’t called for so long and doesn’t want to hear from you, maybe you’re just no good at it any more.

And you have to keep wanting it enough to power through the fears.

For me, that’s music, specifically, the guitar, and jazz, at that. There’s just something about it that’s never quite left me. Everything I do makes me want to pick up an instrument and practice, but I’ve let fear and life get in the way for a long time.

A good way for me to power through that is to commit to publishing a post a week on what I’m practicing, and maybe some daily schedule numbers or even some audio and video clips. The latter is not likely, but, hey, let’s see.

My goal is to play chord melody jazz songs. As such, I will be learning songs and also working on exercises for harmony, melody and general technique.

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