Hi! I’m Dheeraj Chand. Welcome to my little attempt to collect the sprawling information about me on the internet.

I work in technology. I’ve worked in American politics and international humanitarian work for almost my entire career.  I’ve had some amazing opportunities in my life to do some amazing things and I seem to keep being able to do so. This is humbling and delighting. My professional journey has taken me all over the country, including a long sojourn in DC, and now I am back in Austin, TX.

I am sober, happily married, a father and a partner in two technology consultancies, Clarity and Rigour and Siege Analytics.  We focus primarily on geographic analysis and the spatial meanings and implications of your data and problems.   Here on this site, you can find collected writing on politics, family, analytic and Continental philosophy, the study of Kung Fu and whatever random sociological musings may come to mind.