Some changes around here.

This site has finally become active again, and a lot has happened since I was last writing.

  1. I moved from DC back home to Austin.
  2. I got really sick, really quickly, with disastrous consequences.
  3. I got a diagnosis for my ADHD, anxiety and OCD.
  4. I started studying Ving Tsun Kung Fu at Moy Yat Kung Fu Academy.
  5. I got sober. I’ve stayed sober.
  6. I was invited to Status 451.
  7. I met the woman who became my wife.
  8. We got married.
  9. I wound up leaving the Academy, but am remaining in practice and study of Ving Tsun Kung Fu.
  10. We have a kid.
  11. I moved out of Drupal and into WordPress.

This is a lot going on, and I promise to write more frequently.