The “P” In GOP Stands For Something Else


I was going to write a whole thing about this, but really, who’s surprised?  Is anyone surprised? Let’s explore another dimension of this, though. What kind of jerk repeats the things that his lover said to him sub rosa to work colleagues while at work? I can totally imagine someone talking about these matters with friends, maybe even work friends, over a drink or eight after work, but, really, doing so at the office is a level or crudeness that I never expected.  

I guess I shouldn’t be shocked, and I actually feel sorry for the lobbyist in question, whose just had her most intimate discussions turned into a news story.  This whole thing is an exercise in Republican hypocrisy, sure, but it’s also illustrative of the incredible contempt that conservatives have for women.  Who cares about how your mistress will feel if the affair becomes public? Who cares what that woman will feel like if knowledge of her bedroom behaviours and preferences becomes public? What does it matter compared to your right to brag about nailing a bitch to another dude?

God, I’m so disgusted by this that I can’t write any more.