Where have I been?

Those of you who actually still read my site from time to time will notice that till yesterday, I hadn’t updated it since May, and prior to that, in months. Basically, I’ve just been working a lot, and I feel really uncomfortable blogging during the hours when someone is paying for my time. Yeah, I know that there are moments in the day when people read blogs or just chill out, but while I can’t really articulate the difference, I think that it’s one thing to go to Amazon and check on your order and something else entirely to organise your thoughts, write them out and then edit them on a blog.

So, anyway, I’m going to try to be more active on here and on my other writing commitments, but let’s see how well I manage to hold to that.


Liveblogging the debate

9.03 p.m. – It takes a big old nerd like Jim Lehrer to invoke Genneral Eisenhower to ask about where the candidates stand on the Paulson Plan and its children.

9.05 p.m. – Damn, Barack makes those Denzel eyes when he runs through a checklist like this.

9.06 p.m. – “This is a verdict on eight years of failed economic policies.”

9.08 p.m. – I think that McCain is probably the only Republican who can honestly get up there and talk about how Edward Kennedy is a good friend of his. Other than that, I tend not to care about politicians’ feelings.

9.09 p.m. – I think that McCain was counting on that “…and I’ve been around for a long time” line to defuse any attempt that the Democrats were going to make to paint him as being part of the problem. Wow, he’s triangulating against the House Republicans. I wonder how Boehner feels about that.

9.10 p.m. – Also, how on earth is drilling relevant to this?


9.12 p.m. – Barack’s about to let us know about that ridiculous prescience of his. Jesus, is there anything that this guy cannot predict? Really, this isn’t sarcasm. The guy’s deliberate nature and prescience blows my mind.

9.13 p.m. – “…and that in part has to do with an economic philosophy that says that regulation is always part of the problem.”


9.14 p.m. – It’d be really that much easier to beleive McCain on Wall St. if he weren’t on record as being in favour of less regulation.

9.14 p.m. – Oooh, Barack says that we need to pay attention when it’s not a crisis in order to make sure that there won’t be a crisis.

9.15 p.m. – Shorter McCain: I believe that the American worker is resilient enough to survive my party’s sustained assault on him.

9.16 p.m. – Earmarking? Are you serious? You’re complaining about $3m when you’re willing to spend $700m for Paulson? Also, come on, dude, that “…I’ll use this pen” line was only cool when Arnie Vinick did it:

Well, I’m a grandparent now, so I’m not as strict as I used to be. I’m going to cut Congress’s allowance and then I’m going to force them to get control of spending because if they don’t, because if they send me a budget that is not balanced, I will use this pen to veto it.

He takes his pen and holds it up for all the room to see. The audience applauds.

9.17 p.m. – Shorter McCain: After losing my integrity in the Keating Five scandal, I began to police everyone else’s in the Senate.

9.20 p.m. – McCain just got sonned on whether or not Blackazoid would raise taxes.

9.21 p.m. – This just demonstrates that the GOP practice what I call the two-variable approach to politics. Really, Gramps? Do you really believe that business tax is the only thing that would determine where businesses locate themselves? Don’t you think that protection of assets by law, stability of government, access to markets and access to an advantageous labour market have anything to do with it? No, according to the GOP, it’s abortion rights and business taxes. Or, it’s business taxes and the capital gains tax. Or the estate tax.

9.22 p.m. – Go, Barack, go! Mention the loopholes!

9.23 p.m. – AWESOME. Mac just lost his temper. Also, way to sound like an insider. No one outside “WARSHington” knows what a Christmas tree bill is, dude.

9.25 p.m. – “What priorities would you adjust Senator McCain?” ANSWER: LIBRULZ LIBRULZ.

9.29 p.m. – Okay, Mac’s right about ethanol


9.31 p.m. – “…mostly, that’s just me opposing George Bush’s wrong-headed policies.” Okay, as much as I hate Tom Coburn, Google for Government was a great idea.

9.32 p.m. – A spending freeze? Except for everything that we spend on?

9.33 p.m. – Oooh, the link to spending in Iraq.

9.34 p.m. – And now, a word from the trolls:

(09:32:14 PM) Matthew James Schiros: every time barry completes a sentence without stuttering, I’ll give you a dollar
(09:34:40 PM) Dheeraj Chand: Every time McCain utters a sentence that doesn’t make him sound like the least distinguished graduate of St. Alban’s, I’ll give you a dollar.

9.34 p.m. – OOH SOCIALIZED MEDICINE. I want Harry and Louise to make decisions, not that government! Instead, they can decide what people do in the bedroom!

9.35 p.m. – Shorter McCain: THE BEST SOLUTION IS IMPOSSIBLE!

9.38 p.m. – Hey, Mac, when Palin’s your running mate, you can’t use “Miss Congeniality” as an insult.

9.40 p.m. – Uhh, news flash: Ethnic cleansing, not the surge.

9.44 p.m. – “John, you like to pretend that the war began in 2007….YOU WERE WRONG.” Brilliant.

9.46 p.m. – Hey, did McCain just get replaced by Ari Fleischer?

9.48 p.m. – Someone points out that Mac is slurring. Maybe he’s drinking as much as I am.

9.53 p.m. – You know, as an Indian guy, it’s refreshing to hear an American say “PAH-kistan” instead of the normally grating “PAC-istan”.

9.53 p.m. – Every time Mac mentions someone I read about in my history books as being his buddy, it just makes me wince.

9.53 p.m – Man, Mac is screwed if General Petraeus ever retires.

9.57 p.m. – Truest words ever spoken by McCain: “I don’t think…”

9.58 p.m. – Oh, Mac, don’t you know the first rule of being a Republican? Ronald Reagan did nothing wrong.

9.58 p.m. – I actually think that the toughest decision that John McCain ever makes is which house to spend the night in.

9.59 p.m. – Okay, look, does anyone actually believes that Secret Service details allow random strangers anywhere near a candidate, much less, with unidentified and unscreened packages?

10.02 p.m. – How long before John McCain reaches over and punches Barack?

10.04 p.m. – Oh, God, Iran.

10.04 p.m. – “If Iran acquires nuclear weapons, it’s an existential threat to the state of Israel, and it’s an existential threat to the region because other countries will feel the need to acquire nuclear weapons as well.” –> This doesn’t actually answer the question of how this is a threat to the United States.

Okay, seriously, this League of Democracies rubbish is nothing more than a ridiculous GOP tactic to make an end-run around the United Nations? HEY. Maybe it’s because of the GOP support for the Confederacy that they believe in seceding from the U.N. A proposed flag for the League of Democracies:

10.07 p.m. – Man, Mr. Foreign Policy can’t pronounce the name of the President of Iran. I wonder if he knows if Iran is Sunni or Shia. It seems as if the GOP approach to our enemies abroad can be reduced to: NO UR IN TIMEZOUT!

10.12 p.m. – That seal joke, while funny, is only going to throw meat to the trolls at RedState. I’m not sure that anyone knows about this except bloggers.

10.15 p.m. – I wonder if it was weak when Kennedy and Khruschev talked about Cuba.

10.15 p.m. – Sadly enough, I think that in the eyes of Bovine America, Mac won the Iran exchange.

10.16 p.m. – “How do you see Russia?” “I use my eyes.” Okay, he didn’t say that, but it’d have been a great response.

10.17 p.m. – Palin’s answer would have been, “I look out my window.”

10.18 p.m. – Dear God, I hope Mac mentions Palin as credibility for his approach to Russia.

10.19 p.m. – At this age, is there any place Mac hasn’t spent a lot of time?

10.20 p.m. – Mac somehow deduced the actions of the Russian government from the actions of the Georgian people? Really? HEY. I JUST DETERMINED WHAT SYRIA IS GOING TO DO BECAUSE OF A SIGN I SAW ON THE STREET IS TEL AVIV.

10.26 p.m. – “The day after 9/11…” Really? You think that they were going to manage to pull off attacks on two consecutive days?

10.36 p.m. – And now, the P.O.W. card.

And now, commentary on the commentary…

N.B., Like all good Democrats, I’m watching MSNBC.

10.38 p.m. Chuck Todd was once a very data driven commentator, back when he was at National Journal. It’s a shame to see him degenerate into punditry.


10.43 p.m. Biden v Giuliani preview:



10.45 p.m. I love that Barack and Biden refer to Mac as “John”.

10.45 p.m. Also, I just love Biden. Seriously. “John’s wrong.”

10.47 p.m. Please, please, please, Rudy, say something about community organisers.

10.48 p.m. Also, let’s point out that Obama’s perceived weakness of being inexperienced was just put to bed by the fact that he was able to speak forcefully in non-soundbytes.

10.56 p.m. I gotta tell you, the phrase “Truth Squad” always makes me shiver.

11.02 p.m. I just switched from NBC to CNN. Dear God, I love Joe Biden. Really, I just love Joe Biden.

11.03 p.m. “The surge is over. What’s John’s answer?” Wow, what a great dude.

11.05 p.m. Where’s Sarah Palin? “Don’t hold your breath on that one.” – Anderson Cooper. Wow, the press really have turned on McCain.

11.08 p.m. Okay, I think that I’m done for now. I’ll return to this later.