Yo necessito Lone Star. :)

One of the hard things about being away from my home state of Texas is the complete lack of access to the great things about summer cuisine and culture that I loved about the Lone Star State. I suppose that it would be a bit more tolerable if there were some distinctive, regional culture here that I could have in lieu of it, but it becomes a bit difficult when the region you’re in has “Yay! Corona! Yay! Flip-flop sandals for all!” as it’s summer culture.

As I’m sitting around, this evening, working on an analysis of a particularly noxious House bill (believe me, it’s only to prove a point), I am listening to some Hank Williams, Jr., and I am struck by the many ways that my friends and I would enjoy the summer back home in Texas. Maybe we’d go fishing, grill out by the lake, spend some time at Barton Springs, enjoy some freshly grilled fajitas, some tandoori chicken and of course, there was Lone Star, Shiner Bock, margaritas on ice and in the evenings, mint julep.

Those were some good times, I think, and it’s always nice to hear from my friends that they’re still spending lazy Saturdays in the bayou with a fishing pole, enjoying ham sandwiches and German potatoe salad, but I will say that on this particular evening, my heart’s back at home in Texas.