The week in review.

1. PGK Day.

2. Eros is a cowardly punk, hiding in the shadows, and sniping away.

3. Apotropiazo.

4. Eternal recurrence is a bit of a bitch.

5. Two great Dheeraj quotes from PGK Day:

“When Democrats talk about free trade, they mean that they would like to see market forces applied to lower costs and increase efficiency, integrate nations into a global community, so as to prevent war, and make life livable for the poor. When Republicans talk about free trade, they mean the unrestricted flow of slaves across state lines.”

“The Republicans want government to be small enough to fit into everyone’s bedrooms, small enough that they can’t prevent people in Missourri from hanging black people from trees in their front lawns, but yet big enough to build a bridge in every Congressional district.”

6. 4.00 a.m. telephone conversation with Michael Linford, subject matter as follows:

You decide.

7. I found an old picture of myself at a Classics Dept. barbecue. This is a shot of me with El Diablo, the Greek professor who ensured that I never felt good about myself. Enjoy. n.b. the blue jeans and the hair. This was taken back in the days when I made Keith Richards look like Wayne Brady.


The week in review

1. Married women should be required to wear their wedding bands in public.

2. On a related note, rumours of my connubial fusion are highly exagerrated.

3. Jen, while still a goon, has a new nickname. Please do ask her about it.

4. The DX Special.

5. My wife will not make me a sandwich or a pie.


How you see yourself vis-a-vis me.

Please be advised that I have now acquired a sufficiently large SD RAM card to allow people to have their own ringtones. The T-Mobile MDA is pretty sweet, let me tell you, and one of the fun things about it is the fact that it has a large, built in media player.

Now, here comes the fun part of it. Kyle J. Hammer’s ringtone is quite simply going to be Cock The Hammer, and Phil’s is going to be Take Me Out to The Ballgame, but you can now choose for yourself what you want your ringtones to be. To make this more fun, I have chosen Hot Rocks: 1964-1971 as the the set of songs from which you may choose. For those of you who are not familiar with this album, you should probably not be my friend, but please find a track-listing here:

  1. Time Is On My Side
  2. Heart of Stone
  3. Play With Fire
  4. Satisfaction
  5. As Tears Go By
  6. Get Off My Cloud
  7. Mother’s Little Helper
  8. Get Off My Cloud
  9. Paint It Black
  10. Under My Thumb
  11. Ruby Tuesday
  12. Let’s Spend The Night Together
  13. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
  14. Street Fightin’ Man
  15. Sympathy For The Devil
  16. Honky Tonk Women
  17. Gimme Shelter
  18. Midnight Rambler
  19. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
  20. Brown Sugar
  21. Wild Horses

Now, I am willing to hear an argument that one’s true being cannot be expressed by one of of The Rolling Stones songs listed above, and that another one, e.g., Tumbling Dice, is necessary. Should you feel the need to have another Rolling Stones song as your ring tone, please feel free to explain why it applies.

Under certain exceptional circumstances, I will allow songs by other bands, such as The Band or CCR, but please do not expect to have Bright Eyes or Tori Amos grace my telephone.

To claim a song, leave a comment with the song that you want and an explanation of why it is that it applies to you.

Let the fun begin.


The week in review

1. Joking about marriage is probably never a good idea.

2. It’s very important to enunciate when you’re drunk, as there is a big difference between “Young’s” and “Yum’s” in Washington D.C.

3. There are beautiful Mexican women to be charmed on the Metro.

4. Jen is also a goon.